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Frequently Asked Questions (& Answers)

If we buy a number from you, does the number belong to us?

Yes, if you purchase the number from us with full payment, the number is yours and you can port away immediately or at a future date with no additional charges. If you decide to keep the number with us you may pay some rental and usage charges but you will not be subject to any minimum contract term.

Do your prices include VAT?
Yes, all prices for memorable numbers, services and calls include VAT.

How much does it cost to route numbers to my UK landline or mobile phone?
If you purchase the number and use it on our network, it’s free to route calls to your UK landline and call routing to mobile phones is charged at 3.92ppm. Under our ‘Borrow & Use’ option, calls routed to UK landlines cost 4.92ppm and call routing to mobile phones is 6.56ppm.

Do you provide VoIP systems?
No, we don’t but we can connect your number to a VoIP system using a SIP gateway or we can route the number to an existing number on your VoIP system. If you purchase a number from us and port away, your VoIP provider can add the number directly in to your VoIP system.

Do your phone numbers come with a telephone line?
No, our numbers are virtual. We can route them to existing landlines and mobile phones or to your existing VoIP system or other business telephone number. If you want the number as a physical telephone number, this can be done. You will need to tell us the postcode of the premises you would want to have the line at and ideally provide us with an existing number there so that we can check and make sure that this can be provided to you.

How long does it take for my number to go live if I use it on your network?
Most numbers go live within an hour of payment being received although it can take 24 hours in some cases, depending on the number you have purchased. Once you have chosen a number we can tell if it will be a same day or next day connection.

How do I port my number away from you to another company?
Once you have paid for your number we will provide you with the porting details; these are usually on your invoice. Once you have these details you simply provide these to your new telephone service provider and they will do the rest.

How long does porting take?
Porting can take as little as 5 working days but can take a couple of weeks. Porting does not always work first time due to BT’s antiquated off-shore porting processes, but we will not every reject your port request – once we receive it, your port will happen.

If I am on your borrow & use scheme, can I port my number?
Yes you can but you will need to pay the agreed purchase price before you can port as you are simply borrowing and using the number for an agreed time. Your purchase price will be given to you on your paperwork. Does

Caller ID work through these numbers?

Yes, caller ID is fully transparent via all of our memorable numbers.

Can we pay you with a credit card?
We do not accept credit card payments for memorable numbers unless a Company credit card or Business payment card is being used and we will require a scan of the front of the card prior to taking payment to prove that the card used is one of the above. We do accept debit cards as well as BACS/ online banking payments.

How do we pay you with a debit card?

You need to call 03300 221100 and pay via our PCI compliant secure AutoPay® service. You will be asked to enter your telephone number (including the dial code – please enter the number you are purchasing from us. If you are asked for an account reference, please use 40000.

Can we pay with PayPal?
No, we do not accept PayPal – we accept BACS/ online banking payments and debit card payments. If you have a company credit card or business payment card then you can use this for payment but we need a scan/photograph of the front of the card prior to payment being made.

How do we pay via BACS/online banking?
Our bank details are as below:
Sort Code: 30-91-89
Account No: 18859668
Account Name: The Glow XL Group Limited
Bank: Lloyds Bank plc
Reference: Please use your memorable number as the reference number

Can we spread payments over a number of months?
Yes you can. You can pay an initial deposit and then spread the remaining balance over 3, 6 or 12 months. Payment must be made via direct debit.

Call: 08000 445 445

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