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Phone Number Store provides memorable UK landline telephone numbers for your business, organisation or domestic residence. All of our memorable telephone numbers have been obtained via BT Openreach and are fully portable under Options 1 and 2 to all other UK providers. We have payment plans available too so that you can spread the cost of purchasing your memorable over a number of months via direct debit.

All of our memorable number prices include VAT

….. and we will provide you with a UK VAT receipt

We have 3 simple options for you …

Option 1 – Buy & Use on our network: Purchase your number and keep it with us and we will route your calls to an existing landline or mobile number of your choice. We will charge you a monthly fee which includes routing your calls to a UK landline. Calls routed to UK mobile numbers are charged at 3.92ppm.

• You own the number instantly**
• Monthly fee (as per pricelist) if you decide to keep the number with us
• Port away at any time
• No minimum contract length
• Call routing to UK landlines included
• Call routing to UK mobiles just 3.92ppm
• See all of your calls on our portal with your own login
• International routing rates available on request
** If you choose a payment plan for your number, you will only own the number once the purchase price has been paid in full.

Option 2 – Buy & Port Away: Purchase your number and port it away to another provider such as BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin, Vodafone etc...

• You own the number instantly
• No monthly rental with us (number can stay dormant on your account until you port away)
• Port away at any time
• No monthly contract

Option 3 – Borrow & Use: Simply use the number with no connection fee and no monthly rental. You just pay for incoming calls. Calls routed to a UK landline cost 4.92 pence per minute and calls routed to any UK mobile cost just 6.56 pence per minute.

You DO NOT own the number***
• No connection fee
• No monthly fee
• You just pay for incoming calls
• Contract terms from 1 to 5 years
• Call routing to UK landlines charged at 4.92ppm
• Call routing to UK mobiles just 6.56ppm
*** We simply lend you the number for an agreed term between 1 year and 5 years. When you come to the end of the term you can either renew for another term, cancel the service or purchase the number at a pre-agreed price.

Additional Services (Available for Option 1 only)

Physical telephone line

If you happen to have premises within the catchment area of the telephone exchange to which the number you are purchasing is associated then we can arrange for a physical telephone line to be installed with that number attached. The charge for this is £238.80 for the line, plus the charges for the number. If you purchase the number for us then your line rental will be £16.79 per month. Please see price list for details of all memorable number costs and monthly fees.

Outbound calling

We can offer outbound telephone service via our network from your existing landlines and mobiles which means that we can present your memorable number as Caller ID to people you call from your landline or mobile. From your landline you simply dial a 5 digit code (free of charge) and then the number you wish to call and our network will route it and present the memorable number you have purchased. From a mobile phone, you simply dial an 0800 number or 01/02 number (included in your mobile minutes) and you get dial tone; you then just dial the number you want as if you were on your home or work phone and your memorable number will be presented as your Caller ID. There is no charge for setting this feature up. You will only be charged for the calls you make.  Payment for calls must be via direct debit.

Pre-Call Announcements

We can play announcements to your callers before they reach you. For example ‘You’re through to 247 Cabs – Connecting your call’. The set-up charge is £42 and rental charge is £12 per month. Payments must be made via direct debit.

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